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Some New Characters

2009-02-08 16:05:22 by Ryan094

I decided to start drawing a little different. (Without lines) and used the paint brush. I've never really had any success with it but i decided to give it another go. And here is what I came up with.
They're not too great but they look a little cool. Tell me what you guys think.

Some New Characters

New Music

2009-01-25 11:03:25 by Ryan094

Check out all my new music, including Swinger, ReggaeMan, Happy Times, Maximum Power and many more, Listen and enjoy my creations!
I know their cheesy names but hey. I'm a cheesy guy.

It's Been a While

2008-12-29 14:07:49 by Ryan094

It's been a while since i made a new post.

Mouse Avoider 2 Confirmed!

2008-09-11 11:42:31 by Ryan094

I have decided to carry on making Mouse Avoider 2!
I am working on it now. It is VERY much different than the 1st and its quite different than usual mouse avoiders.
So, Mouse Avoider 2 - The Zek Adventures shall be made. Hoorah!!!

Mouse Avoider 2 Confirmed!

Mouse Avoider 2 Returning?

2008-05-14 18:00:37 by Ryan094

I have been thinking, and Mouse Avoider 2 - The Zek Adventures could make it's return.

As seen in my previous post; I canceled the game, but now as people want it so bad, I'd thought I might make it. I have also found it a lot easier to make high class mouse avoiders with a storyline.
Plus, I have gotten a lot better at actionscript.

So, overall. Mouse Avoider 2 - The Zek Adventures, could quite possibly be made.

Slice-A-Matic Deluxe 4000

2008-05-06 18:13:24 by Ryan094

I haven't posted a video yet. So how about I do, and with the great
Dead Ringers

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The Super Happy Fun Time Collab

2008-04-15 12:25:07 by Ryan094

Greetings all! This is the start of hosting my first collab!

This collab is The Super Happy Fun Time Collab! cheesy right? I know. But that's what makes it special. :D

Let me describe it to you:

In this collab you will animate someone/thing being extremely happy! But then a tragic thing happens
either too the person or around the person but he/she/thing is still happy! Thats about it. I cant really describe that much.


No Nudity/porn etc.
No Sprites
No or very little sound voices
You may have some sounds but don't go overboard. A few sounds is enough. Otherwise the music will be overrun.
Violence is okay as long as it's not extreme

FPS - 24
Background - Draw your own background. Or black.
Size - 650x350. Makes it like wide screen. :D

The menu and preloader will be made by me unless someone wants to make it then I will be happy to let them.

Music - Reel Big Fish - Good Thing
Make sure all your movieclips/graphics are named with your username at the beginning.
e.g "Ryan094_head"
Also stick figures are allowed and i will put your names on it.

There is no specific amount of parts. It just ends when the song ends
Also there is no deadline. So spend time on your parts!

Send your fla parts to me by PM or by emailing me at

I will co-author the best ones. So send me a portal buddy request or you wont be co-authored.

That's about it. Ask any questions you may have in case I've missed something.

Collectors - My New Game

2008-04-09 17:26:27 by Ryan094

I have finished my recent game named "Collectors" which was originally named Dodge-em


In Collectors you have to Collect blue "Items" and gain points eventually gaining an overall 250 points and winning.
There are 5 different game modes featuring

Single Player
Single Team Player
Offline Multiplayer
Offline Multiplayer Team
Highscore Mode

.:Note:. This game does not feature a campaign mode but is a mini arcade game collection.

Play The Game Now At -

Mouse Avoider 2 Cancelled

2008-04-01 12:50:09 by Ryan094

I've recently decided not to make another Mouse Avoider game as it is overdone and unnecessary.
So i have now cancelled Mouse Avoider 2! - The Zek Adventures.

So looking out for it will be no use. Theres a rather small possibility that i could change my mind and complete it. If i get loads and loads of people saying they want it then i might do it. Sorry to anyone wanting this game and to people who don't give a damn, why are you reading this?



2007-10-30 11:01:33 by Ryan094

Welcome To My Page!

Yes my page indeed. Well thats all lol cya!