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Entry #10

Some New Characters

2009-02-08 16:05:22 by Ryan094

I decided to start drawing a little different. (Without lines) and used the paint brush. I've never really had any success with it but i decided to give it another go. And here is what I came up with.
They're not too great but they look a little cool. Tell me what you guys think.

Some New Characters


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2009-02-09 14:35:00

Keep practicing!

Ryan094 responds:

I sure will! This is practically my first ever time of doing a drawing with the paint brush tool. (That i actually completed)


2009-04-07 19:27:13

It does actually look cool!

I honestly, can't draw worth shit in Paint, as my hand isn't very steady with a mouse.

Ryan094 responds:

Yeah it is rather hard. If you use a tablet then It's a lot easier. I used a mouse but you just gotta keep drawing and drawing.


2009-07-29 23:00:24

i like it how long did it take you


2011-10-20 13:23:37

hey whats up


2011-10-20 13:23:46

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2011-10-20 13:23:57